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Concierge Services in Cape Town by Villa Concepts - Luxury Holiday Rentals

What is a concierge?

Much like a hotel concierge, our service offers you excellent advice in advance on what is available in the area and what additional services are available to you based on your personal tastes and our local knowledge. We took the time to learn where to find the best dining experiences and in-house private chefs, the best spa treatments, luxury car rentals, down to the best airport shuttles and dry cleaners, so you don’t have to.

Why should I take advantage of this service?

Living in Cape Town has kept us in the loop about the latest attractions and best service providers – some long standing and true as the tides, along with the neverending new attractions and experiences that often pop up in this exciting corner of the world. It can be a confusing barrage of information to sift through in a foreign country, so avoid running the risk of missing out on some of the best experiences when you stay in one of our luxury villas in Cape Town.

What could I expect?

For the Culture Seekers:

Cape Town is host to some of South Africa’s top restaurants, wineries, art galleries and design attractions dispersed in a city with deep roots and old world architectural influences. Experience world-class culture that you may not have expected to find on this wild continent – with the familiarity of Europe and its ease of communication.

Further excite your senses with some Capetonian authenticity – our melting pot of culture is practically spilling over. From our colourful Cape Malay quarters, old worldly vineyards and a vast array of African cultures from sub-saharan to North African influences. You could be sitting in the (Queen) Victoria Alfred Waterfront, sharing a bottle of award winning South African wine over freshly caught seafood, while listening to a West African marimba ensemble. Cultural fusion like nowhere else.

For the Explorers and Nature Lovers:

There certainly is adventure to be had around Cape Town. It all depends on how much adrenaline you can handle. For a more calming experience there is plenty of nature to behold: scenic views from atop of Table Mountain, exclusive beaches below or along the Garden Route – the longest wine route in the world. 

For the more adventurous there are options in and around the city – from helicopter trips to adventurous 4×4 dune tours in Atlantis just outside the city. For everyone and every age in between – treat yourselves to a visit with one of our African penguin colonies. That’s right, we too host the little tuxedo brothers right here on our sandy shores.

For the Relaxation Enthusiasts:

After all the excitement indulging in a bit of self-care is called for. Rejuvenate yourself after a long day in the African sun with luxury in-house spa treatments. A well kept secret is that South Africa has some of the world’s top personal-aesthetic destinations and cosmetic practitioners. Offering a range of services from highly trained massage therapists and estheticians you can revive your glow, while taking full advantage of our locally sourced miracle ingredients like Aloe and Rooibos.

Why should I opt for this in advance?

Now that you’ve had a tiny morsel off the endless menu of possibilities, why not discuss it in advance to guarantee making the most of your visit.

We know everything can’t always be planned ahead, which brings us to the best offering of this service, should something spontaneous arise, an impromptu change in plans – we have you covered there as well. Along with cleaning-, catering-, butler- and chauffeur services to make your stay hassle free.

Please consider discussing and booking some of our offerings when booking your luxury accommodation – and take advantage of our knowledge to make your stay as easy-going and unforgettable as possible.

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